Brainwashed-by-Zionist-propaganda-320x284As the Israel lobby decides what politicians rule the USA (and the World) by providing them with the funds necessary to run their propaganda campaigns to convince (brain wash) the electorate to vote for and legitimize them as democratic rulers, money buys politicians in the same way to win American elections. Buying politicians is legal and called donations, which is tax deductible, although donors (millions givers not $1 or $10 fools) are paid back by the politicians they have supported in terms of laws, policies, and political decisions (such as wars and bailout) favoring them and their interests against other groups within the American society in particular and all other democracies in general. Individuals serving the interests of the mentioned donors and the candidates they finance such as parties’ and election campaigns’ functionaries, also, receive lucrative and prestigious jobs by the winning parties to serve the interests of their real sponsors and themselves. So, political donations are not charitable, but tax-free calculated briberies.
The role of the “free” mass media is to check the three branches of a “democratic” government (executive, legislature, and judiciary) and the state’s agents running them. This means exposing (all the facts about their history, dealings, secrets, intentions, finances, achievements, morals, attitudes, actions, policies, alliances, honest use or abuse of power, lies, deceptions, corruption, harms to the society and the World caused by their actions and policies, wealth, and benefits resulting form their positions of power) to the voters to allow them to make informed decisions and permit the accountability of every individual functionary what so ever his or her position. This is in theory only. The same super-rich individuals and interest groups that donate money to the politicians they want to buy to run the Democratic World in the direction they wish own the mass media. Most, if not all, of the American Media is held, also, by the ultra-wealthy and super-organized Zionists and their collaborators. Practically, there is no control of the three branches of the government. The opposite is true. The mass media provide one-way state propaganda supporting in most cases the government and its policies and covering up its crimes and evil plans against local and foreign populations such as wars, invasions, cuts in social programs, corruption, assassinations (such as John F. Kennedy and less important figures), abuse of power, violation of human rights, pollution of environment, unsustainable economic practices, mass rip offs such as the most recent bail outs of the richest of the richest, and implementation of domestic policies against the public interest benefiting the tiniest minorities. The mentioned media play smart by criticizing marginal, insignificant actions, policies, and functionaries to give the deceptive impression of being free and independent. The invisible rulers of the democratic world (mostly Zionists) run the show using two arms. One of them is the bought (bribed) government, and the second arm is the mass media (including the entertainment industry) providing the required propaganda to convince (brainwash) the public to vote in the direction that benefits the real secret masters. Do not forget that the choices available are dictated by the invisible rulers, and all of them are copies of each other, but, wearing different masks. There are no choices available opposite to the interests of the hidden masters; no funds would be available for them, and all resources will be available to eliminate them. In a few cases, the mass media can turn against the (apparent) ruling politicians and some state institutions. This happens when the politicians run democracies in ways against the interests of the secret rich masters, who own the mass media. In some other cases, scandals and corruption can be so outrageous and open to the public, so that the media ride the wave and become unable cover up such misconducts anymore, so it takes sides against the losers, who are going to be dismissed anyway. Some times, the tools of the hidden masters such as political parties and politicians fight among themselves exposing scandals and unfair practices. The mass media is provided with details to inform the public about such disgraces such as the Water Gate and Bill Clinton’s Monika Lewinsky scandals. Those indignities benefit opposing parties and politicians and lead to their success in winning elections and gaining power. Disgraces and crimes committed by the political parties and government functionaries on behalf of the invisible rulers against local or foreign populations are not exposed, but concealed, manipulated, justified, and excused. Nixon lost his job for spying against the Democratic Party and members of his own government, but, George W. Bush Jr. did not loose his job for spying against members of the American public and eroding the civil liberties that had been achieved just during the final moments of the human history. His mercenary government functionaries justified the confiscation of the American public constitutional rights to protect it from an illusive nuclear attack against New York by victims of the American imperialism called terrorists. Bill Clinton has not been the first or last unfaithful politician to his wife, his nation, and the entire World, but exposing him was a part of the political game to enable the Republican Party to replace him and enjoy wealth, power, and prestige of being the ruling party. The real Zionist rulers were not affected by the outcome. Both parties serve their interests best. The game is dirty, complicated, and played to benefit the richest most powerful invisible masters of the “morally most superior” Western Democracies.
Judges of the judiciary are appointed by the bribed politicians. But, the manipulative theory assumes that the judiciary is an independent branch of the government and has the function of checking/controlling the other two bodies. How can the judiciary be independent and perform the mentioned function, if appointed and paid by politicians (the executive branch)? They pay their employers back, when they are needed, like the American Supreme Court decision in favor of the former Republican President George Bush Jr. against his Democratic rival former Vice President Al Gore to be the rightful winner of the disputed American presidential 2000 election. The majority of the American Supreme Court members was republicans and returned the favor to the source of their power, the Republican Party, for appointing them in their most prestigious positions. The judiciary is as corrupt as the executive and legislature branches of the democratic governments, used to enforce the interests of the real secret masters upon the society, and support one of their tools (political parties) against the others. Which political party wins and seems to rule does not make any difference for the actual invisible rulers, as all of them implement policies to benefit the stealthy masters. All of them are copies of each other. Voters, the democratic fools, do not know that thanks to the continuous brainwash performed by the “free” democratic mass media (propaganda machinery).
Police enforces laws against the common members of public, not the (actual) hidden rulers and their instruments (executive, legislature, and judiciary); those are above and immune to the laws that they produce. Only money and personal interests run and control the entire system. Western democracies are the most sophisticated corrupt political systems ruling the masses compared with the stupid totalitarian Soviet style. People under western democracies think that they have a say, but they do not. They, also, believe wrongfully that they have free sources of information and freedom of expression. People living under totalitarian regimes have it easier to see the manipulation; they know that they do not have free sources of information, that they do not enjoy freedoms, and have no say about their lives and political systems.
Political parties of the so called democratic countries are machineries run (financed) by the actual and secret masters of democracy and most of the modern World, mostly ultra-rich and super-organized Zionists, but carrying different masks. There is no difference between them as the Israel lobby finances both the Democratic and Republican Parties and their political candidates. In the same way, members of both parties do not vary in their unconditional support to the State of Israel; otherwise they would never have a hope of winning an election or being re-elected. Mercenary players of the game propagate it as the heavenly democracy of the free World with superior morals and standings than other non-democratic nations, although the opposite is true. People of the World believe the democratic mercenary agents that Western Democracies are really free and superior in morals and the way people are governed. It has to be admitted that there are sacred freedoms that are guaranteed for every member of the democratic world. Those are freedoms of practicing sex, gambling, consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, production and consumption of pornography, endless enjoyment of the toxic Hollywood entertainment, and ownership of guns. Those kinds of freedoms provide trillions of dollars in the pockets of the invisible masters (Zionist International Bankers and their collaborators), although they cause the decay of the social fabric of the Western democracies, which is most desirable to keep the majority of the public busy with pleasures of life and absent from serious matters. This makes it much easier to control, fool, and lead them politically in the direction the secret rulers wish. If you are interested in the mentioned subject review on the internet the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, so that you might be convinced that all modern time events and ways of life are not accidental but follow a particular and predetermined plan.


The second governing arm of the secret rulers of the Democratic World is systematic Propaganda. It provides manipulated information and analyses to convince (brainwash) the (local and foreign) public with the point of view needed to be imposed on behalf of the invisible masters, the wealthy ones who own the mass media and appoint the politicians. It serves to mobilize support for the special interest groups/secret masters. Dissent and inconvenient information are kept within bounds and marginalized, so that their presence shows that the system is not monolithic, they are not large enough to interfere unduly with the domination of the official agenda.
The democratic “free” mass media, as in any totalitarian autocratic murderous dictatorship, never presents opinions of so called “terrorists”, rebels, or freedom fighters, who in most cases have legitimate grievances against overwhelming suppressive democratic or non-democratic powers. The public never has the opportunity to judge for itself, who is right and who is wrong. The opinion is already imposed; the brains are molded. Different contradicting and diverse opinions are never presented in an unbiased way, so that the media could be described as free. The entire game is presented as the society enjoys freedom of expression and free media, as the government itself does not own the media, which is private, and government censorship is absent in contrast to totalitarian, Third World regimes, and communist states. Money and power use the democratic propaganda machinery to filter out news unfit for presentation, marginalize dissent, and allow governments and dominant private interests to get their messages across the public. The raw material passes through successive filters.
In the USA–the leading and most influential democracy–the media including the entertainment industry is centralized and concentrated in the hands of nine Zionist transnational conglomerates: 1. Disney, 2. AOL Time Warner, 3. Viacom, 4. News Corporation, 5. Bertelsmann, 6. General Electric. 7. Sony, 8. AT&T-Liberty Media, and 9. Vivendi Universal. These giants own the entire World’s major film studios, TV networks, music companies, and a sizable fraction of the most important cable channels, cable systems, magazines, major-market TV stations, and book publishers. Another fifteen firms round out the system; so that 24 firms control nearly the entirety of the media experienced by most Americans; produce movies, books, magazines, newspapers, TV programs, music, videos, and toys; own theme parks; have extensive distribution facilities via broadcasting and cable ownership, retail stores, and movie-theater chains. Internet and the new communication technologies have opened a new era of interactive democratic media that is threatening the above mentioned monopoly of the brain forming propaganda tools. One of the most profitable and important products for the mentioned media owners is entertainment. It is an effective vehicle for hidden ideological messages. A movie would convince you who the bad people and who the good ones are, although the good ones in the movie are invaders, murderers, robbers, and ruthless. In almost most cases, the good ones are Americans and their allies (the most technologically advanced), and the bad ones are their victims (savage, underdeveloped, and backward). The movie would convince you indirectly as you enjoy the action that the victims are the bad people. Another very important role of the entertainment industry is diverting the public interest form politics and the creation of political apathy that is helpful for a democratic consent to imperial colonial corrupt aggressive policies. The public is firmly in the trap that the invisible masters wanted and designed using the two democratic arms: politicians (the government) and mass media. The public is not sovereign over the media. Owners of the media seeking ads decide what to be offered. The public chooses among the available choices. Therefore, the American public does not care much about invading and destroying other nations such as Palestine, Vietnam, South American Nations, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the most savage crimes committed by its government and with its tax money. The same public does not care, either, about human poverty in all corners of the World, the wasteful spending of tax payers’ money on unnecessary wars, weapon production/sales, space research, subsidizing the most rich as it happened in the recent financial crisis, and the systematic destruction of the Earth’s environment. The same democratic public spends billions (may be trillions) of dollars on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, entertainment, prostitution, guns, and gambling, disregarding the global problems of human poverty, unnecessary destructive wars, and destruction of the environment caused mainly by the prosperity of the citizens of the “democratic free” world. The public does not care nor know about all crimes committed by its government against other nations on its behalf and with its tax money. It is busy watching the latest action movies with the modern values of adultery, nudity, drugs, violence, and all sick destructive attitudes imposed by the Zionist led mass media/Hollywood.


Between 2000 and 2002, the Zionist Gerald Levin, had been the CEO of AOL-Time Warner, the largest media conglomerate in the US with annual revenue of $39.5 billion (2003). The Chairman of Warner Brothers has been the Zionist Barry Meyer. Norman Pearlstein, another Zionist, has been the editor-in-chief of the Time Warner’s publishing division. The CEO of Time Warner Communications has been the Zionist Steven J. Ross. From 1986 to 1995, the Zionist Laurence Tisch had been the chairman and CEO of CBS. The President of CBS has been the Zionist Eric Ober. The CEO of CBS has been the Zionist Leslie Moonves. Time Warner owns 20% of the CBS stock. In 1999, the Zionist Sumner Redstone (the Chairman and CEO of Viacom) bought CBS for $34.8 billion and owns 76% of the shares of Viacom, the third largest American mega-media corporation with annual revenue of $10 billion. Viacom owns 12 television and 12 radio stations. The man in charge of the television entertainment division at CBS has been the Zionist Jeff Sagansky. Another Zionist, Michael Eisner, is the former Chairman and CEO of the second-largest media conglomerate, Disney, with annual revenue of $27.1 billion (2003). Another Zionist, Michael Ovitz, has been an ex-president of Walt Disney Co (CEO had been the Zionist Robert Igor). Eisner took over Disney in 1984 and hired the Zionists Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Ovitz, Sanford Litvak, and Joe Roth as executives in turn. Disney owns Miramax Films, which is run by the Zionist brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Eisner acquired Capital Cities/ABC in 1995, which owns ABC television with 10 TV stations in major metropolitan areas. ABC has 225 affiliated TV and 2,900 radio stations in the US. In 1994, Capital Cities/ABC earned over $1 billion in publishing. The Chairman of the Board of AOL Time Warner has been the Zionist Gerald M. Levin. The Chairman of ABC has been the Zionist Leonard Goldenson. The Zionist Leonard Harry Goldenson has been the CEO of ABC. At ABC the Entertainment Division is run by two Zionists (Sagansky and Stuart Bloomberg). “Disney Publishing Worldwide” reaches 100 million readers each month. The Zionist Joe Roth has headed Walt Disney Picture Group. George W. Bodenheimer, a Zionist, has been the President and CEO of the sports network ESPN. The Zionist Steven Bornstein has been the President and CEO of ESPN. Sumner Redstone, a Zionist, heads Viacom with annual revenues over $26.5 billion (2003). Until 2004, Melvin A. Karmazin, a Zionist, was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Viacom. The Zionist Sherry Lansing heads the Paramount Pictures, the President of which is the Zionist Brad Grey. Paramount Pictures distributes videos through over 4,000 Blockbuster stores. The President and CEO of Seagram, Zionist Edgar Bronfman Jr., acquired in 1998 PolyGram, a European record giant, for $10.6 billion. His father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., has been the President of Seagram Company and the President of the World Jewish Congress. In 2000, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., became Vice Chairman of Vivendi and has been the President and CEO of Seagram Company and the head of Universal Studios. He bought the entertainment group MCA from Japan’s Matsushita for $5.7 billion. The Zionist Ron Meyer has been the President and COO of Universal Studios. The Zionist Stacy Snideris has been the Chairman of Universal Pictures. The Zionist Jeff Zucker has been the President of NBC Universal Television Group. The Zionist Barry Diller owns InterActive Corporation. Recently, Bronfman purchased Warner Music from Time Warner for $2.6 billion. The Zionist Danny Goldberg has been the head of Warner Music. The Zionist Stuart Hersch is the President of Warner Vision, Warner Music’s video production unit. The Zionist Norman Pearlstine is the Editor-in-chief of Time Warner’s publishing division, the largest magazine publisher in the US. Ron Meyer, a Zionist, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios. The Chairman of Universal Pictures has been the Zionist Stacy Snider. The Zionist Andrew Lack has been the President of NBC. The Zionist Fred Silverman has been the CEO of NBC. The President of NBC Universal Television Group has been Jeff Zucker, a Zionist; he has, also, been the CEO of NBC Universal Studios. The Zionist Lawrence Grossman has been the President of PBS. The Zionist Harry Sloan is the Chairman of MGN. The Zionist Walter Isaacson, formerly Editor-in-chief of the Time magazine, has been the Chairman of CNN. The Zionist Dennis Dammerman has been the Vice President of General Electric.
Rupert Murdoch, Zionist, has owned the News Corporation, which owns Fox Television Network, Fox News, the FX Channel, 20th Century Fox Films, Fox 2000, and the publisher Harper Collins. Rupert Murdoch is said to be television’s most powerful man in the world with the capacity to reach more than 110 million viewers across four continents. Murdoch sits at the helm of News Corporation., the parent company of Fox News network, and controls a large part of the mass media in the United States, including The New York Post, the Fox Cinema, and Television Network. Murdoch’s international media network owns more than 175 newspapers and magazines on three continents, publishes 40 million papers a week, and dominates the newspaper markets in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Murdoch has been a close friend of the Israeli war criminal and former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The former President and COO of Fox News is the Zionist Peter Chernin, who has been the President and Co-COO of the News Corporation. He was the CEO of the 20th Century Fox in 1992. The New York Governor George Pataki said, “There is no newspaper in the U.S. more supportive of Israel than Murdoch’s New York Post.” The News Corporations is the fifth largest mega-media corporation in the US. Its 2003 revenues were $19.2 billion. Murdoch has vigorously supported Zionism throughout his life. Murdoch’s number two executive is Peter Chernin, a Zionist, who has been President and Chief Operating Officer. The Zionist Gail Berman runs Fox Entertainment Group. The Zionist Mitchell Stern heads Direct TV. The Zionist Jane Friedman has been Chairman and CEO of Harper Collins. Zionist Thomas Rothman has been the Chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. The Zionist William Kristol has been the Editor of the Neoconservative journal Weekly Standard. The Zionists Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum have been the founders and Co-chairmen of Spyglass. The Zionists Jonathan Glickman and Paul Neinstein have been the President and Vice President of Spyglass, respectively. The Zionists David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg (former Disney Pictures Chairman), and the Zionist film director Steven Spielberg formed DreamWorks in 1994. The same three raised $1.2 million for Obama’s Presidential campaign in a single Hollywood party. Although Columbia Pictures is owned by the Japanese multinational firm Sony, its Chairman has been the Zionist Amy Pascal. The Sony Corporation of America is run by the Zionist Michael Schulhof. The Zionist Andrew Lack has been the CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The Zionist Alan J. Levine has been the head the Sony Pictures Division. The Chairman of Sony Pictures has been the Zionist Michael Lynton. The Zionist Howard Stringer has been the head of Sony’s overall American operations. Films produced by the Zionists owned Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount (Viacom), Universal (NBC Universal), 20th Century Fox (News Corp.), DreamWorks, and Columbia (Sony) accounted for 94% of the total box-office receipts for the year 2003. The Zionist Neal Shapiro has been the President of NBC News. The Zionist Steven Freedman has been the Executive Producer of NBC Nightly News. The Zionist Jeff Zucker has been the President of NBC Universal Television Group. The Zionist Jonathan Wald is a senior consultant for CNBC. The Zionist David M. Zaslav has been the President of NBC Cable. The President of MSNBC has been the Zionist Rick Kaplan. The Zionist James H. Rosenfield has been the President of CBS. The Zionist Al Ortiz has been an Executive Producer and Director of Special Events Coverage for CBS News. The Zionists Michael Bass and Victor Neufeld have produced the CBS Early Show. The Zionist David Westin has been the President of ABC News with the Zionist Paul Slavin as the Senior Vice President. The Zionist Bernard Gershon has been the Senior Vice-President/General Manager of the ABC News Digital Media Group. The Zionists Victor S. Neufeld, Bob Reichbloom, and Rick Kaplan, all, have been Executive Producers of news programs with ABC. The Zionist David Sarnoff has been the Chairman of RCS; and Robert Sarnoff the CEO of RCA NBC. The New World Entertainment has been owned by the Zionist Ronald Perelman and chaired by the Zionist Bandon Tartikoff. The President of AMC has been the Zionist Charles Collier.
The Zionist owners of the American entertainment and mass media have also pushed Zionist actors and actresses to the top such as Barbara Streisand, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adam Sandler, Ben Stein, and Ben Stiller. The head of the actors’ union (the Screen Actors Guild) has been the Zionist Alan Rosenberg.
Approximately, 58 million daily newspapers are sold in the US every day. Most local newspapers are owned by a small number of large companies controlled by executives who live and work hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Zionist Michael Silverman has been the Vice President and Managing Editor of the famous Associated Press. The Zionist Ann Levin has been the National News Editor of Associated Press with the Zionist Jonathan Wolman as the Senior Vice President. The Zionist family Newhouse owns 31 daily newspapers, two dozen major magazines, and America’s largest trade book publishing conglomerate, Random House, with all its subsidiaries. The Newhouse Broadcasting consists of 12 television broadcasting stations and 87 cable-TV systems. The Newhouse family owns the Sunday Supplement Parade with a circulation of more than 22 million copies per week. The Zionist Newhouse media empire was founded by the late Zionist Samuel Newhouse, an immigrant from Russia. The net worth of Advance Publications owned by the Newhouse family has been more than $9 billion.
Zionist merchants advertise with Zionist media leading to the death of non-Zionist media. Those media still under non-Zionist ownership depend upon Zionist advertising revenue and accommodate their needs. The American most prestigious and influential newspapers are the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. The Zionist Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. has been the Publisher and Chairman of the New York Times Co with the Zionist Russell T. Lewis as the President and Chief executive officer and the Zionist Michael Gloden as the Vice Chairman. The Zionist Martin Nisenholtz has run the New York Times massive Internet operations. The Zionist Sulzberger family owns 33 other newspapers–such as the Boston Globe, the Lexington Dispatch (NC), the Gainesville Sun (FL), the Ocala Star Banner (FL), the Tuscaloosa News (AL), the Spartanburg Herald Journal (SC), and the Santa Barbara News Press (CA)–, 12 magazines, eight TV, and two radio stations. The family publishes the International Herald Tribune. The New York Times News Service transmits news by wire to 506 other newspapers, news agencies, and magazines. The New York Post has been owned by the Zionist billionaire Peter Kalikow. The Village Voice, also in New York, has been owned by the Zionist Leonard Stern. The Zionist Donald Graham has been the Board Chairman and CEO of the Washington Post, which, also, publishes the Newsweek under the Zionist Katherine Mever Grahm. The editor of the Newsweek has been the Zionist Lester Bernstein. The Zionist Arthur Heiskel has been the Chairman of Time, with a weekly circulation of 4.1 million. The Zionist Peter R. Kann has been the Chairman, publisher, and CEO of the Dow Jones that owns the Wall Street Journal, and another 23 daily newspapers. It sells 1,820,000 copies every day. The Zionist Warren H. Philips has been the Chief Executive of the Dow Jones. The Zionist Mortimer B. Zucherman has owned and published U.S. News and World Report, both has been edited by the Zionist Marvin Stone. The Zionist Richard Bernstein has been the Chairman and CEO of Western Publishing, the largest children book publisher in the US. The Zionist Walter Annenberg has been the President of TV Guide. The Tribune Company is one of the most powerful American media companies. It owns 23 television stations, a base ball team, and many major newspaper including the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. The owner has been the Zionist billionaire Sam Zell. Zell is a major supporter of Israel and Zionism.
In 1971, the Pentagon was publishing a total of 371 magazines at an annual cost of $57 million of tax-payers money, an operation sixteen times larger than America’s largest publisher. In 1982, the Pentagon increased that number to 1,203 periodicals. It is so to say; they are washing Americans’ brains at their own expense.
In Canada, the Zionist Asper family owns CanWest that controls more than 33% of the English-language newspapers. CanWest produces propaganda in favor of Israel against its Palestinian victims. Journalists who fail to adopt the CanWest pro-Israel position are reprimanded or dismissed.
Some Zionist columnists have been Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Freedman, and David Brooks. They demand that the U.S. attacks Iran and provide billions more in foreign aid to Israel.
The following are Zionist columnists and commentators: George Will, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and ABC News; William Safire, The New York Times; A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Daily News, formerly Executive Editor of and later columnist for The New York Times; Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, PBS, Time, and The Weekly Standard, formerly columnist for the New Republic; Michael Kelly, The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, and, formerly columinst for The New Republic and The New Yorker; Lally Weymouth, The Washington Post and Newsweek; Martin Peretz, The New Republic; Daniel Pipes, The New York Post; Andrea Peyser, The New York Post; Dick Morris, The New York Post; Lawrence Kaplan, The New Republic; William Bennett, CNN; William Kristol, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, formerly columnist for ABC News; Robert Kagan, The Washington Post and The Weekly Standard; Mortimer Zuckerman, US News and World Report (Zuckerman has also been the Chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations); David Gelertner, The Weekly Standard; John Podhoretz, The New York Post, and The Weekly Standard; Mona Charen, The Washington Times; Morton Kondracke, Roll Call, Fox News, formerly columnist for The McLaughlin Group, The New Republic, and PBS; Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, formerly columnist for The New Republic, The McLaughlin Group, and The Baltimore Sun; Sid Zion, The New York Post, and The New York Daily News; Yossi Klein Halevi The New Republic; Norman Podhoretz, Commentary; Jonah Goldberg, National Review and CNN; Laura Ingraham, CNN, formerly columnist for MSNBC and CBS News; Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe; Rich Lowry, National Review; Andrew Sullivan, The New Republic; Seth Lipsky, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Sun, formerly columnist for the Jewish Forward; Irving Kristol, The Public Interest, The National Interest, and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; Allan Keyes, MSNBC,; Brit Hume, Fox News; John Leo, US News and World Report; Robert Bartley, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; John Fund, The Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal, formerly columnist for The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; Ben Wattenberg, The Washington Times, and PBS; Tony Snow, Washington Times and Fox News; Lawrence Kudlow, National Review and CNBC; Alan Dershowitz, Boston Herald and Washington Times; David Horowitz,; Jacob Heilbrun, The Los Angeles Times; Thomas Sowell, Washington Times; Frank Gaffney Jr, Washington Times; Emmett Tyrell, American Spectator and New York Sun; Cal Thomas, Washington Times; Oliver North, Washington Times and Fox News, formerly columnist for MSNBC; Michael Ledeen, Jewish World Review; William F. Buckley, National Review; Bill O’Reilly, Fox News; Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette; L. Brent Bozell, Washington Times; Todd Lindberg, Washington Times; Michael Barone, US News, World Report, and The McLaughlin Group; Ann Coulter, Human Events; Linda Chavez, Creators Syndicate Cathy Young and Reason Magazine; Uri Dan, New York Post; Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Morality Maven; Rush Limbaugh, Radio Host.
The above reported information indicate that the minds, culture, habits, attitudes, views of our World, ethics, convictions, education, and actions of the entire human population is formed by Zionism whose members are less than 15 million, which is less than 0.2% of the entire World population of 7,000 million. That fact alone explains the importance of the secrecy of the fact of the Zionist domination of the modern World as the insignificant number of the Zionists constitutes the greatest danger against their existence and goals, if the World’s people would discover their real role as the actual, destructive, and parasitic leaders of the Planet Earth.


The democratic mass media (propaganda) machinery, example America, is biased. Positive or negative profiling of the news’ content depends on whether the news is about a client/allied state, regime, or a group of people or about another government, nation, rebels, or political groups that the U.S. Government opposes. Friends of the Democratic World (tools of the Western imperialist policies) enjoy more coverage with a friendly presentation. In contrast, enemies of the Democratic World under the U.S. leadership (resisting the Euro-American Zionist domination of their nations and resources) do not appear at all, or are presented in a negative way worthy of their hostile position. Some facts can be presented; others never. Length of the presentation depends on the position of the news’ subject related to the democratic system. If you are a friend/client regime, the media will put you under a positive light for longer periods of time with lots of repetition of the same message, which is very convincing (brainwash). If you are an enemy, the media will not present your grievances at all. Victims of the imperial colonial Democratic World are presented as terrorists, savage, backward, and/or undemocratic. Crimes of friendly and client regimes are ignored or marginalized. Repetition of biased good or bad news molds the brains of the public leading to its support for the plans imposed by the government on behalf of the invisible rulers or to public political apathy.